7 Easy Steps to a Home Loan  

Step 1: The application
Here's where we start. We meet by phone or in person to complete the application. The more complete and accurate the
application, the faster and more efficiently your loan is reviewed for approval. *Accelerate the 7 easy steps and Apply
Online Today! Once your Application is received a Lending Consultant will contact you.

Step 2: Processing & Underwriting
Once all the appropriate information is obtained from you the file is submitted to our processing staff. Then our
processing staff will order credit, title, appraisal, Escrow and verify your employment and mortgage history.

Step 3: Your help is needed!
In the next week to 10 days we will need your help! You will receive a call from an appraiser to set an appointment to
view your property. Once the appraiser views the property they compile the appropriate information and send us the
completed package, this may take up to a week (possibly longer in some areas). Please respond in a timely manner so
we are able to keep the process running smoothly.

Step 4: Final Approval and Loan Documents
When all documentation and verifications, appraisal and title have been returned to us we are able to submit for final
approval. Once we meet all approval conditions we are ready to order your final closing documents. This set of
documents is the actual legal paperwork that describes the terms and conditions of your new loan.

Step 5: Escrow & Closing
Once your loan is approved, all paperwork is reviewed and final loan documents are prepared and sent to the escrow
agent. Expect a call from an escrow agent to schedule an appointment to sign all closing documents.

Step 6: Funding & Recording
On all refinances there is a three-day right of rescission after signing closing documents before the new loan can be
funded and recorded. Once this is done the loan is recorded with the county and your funds are disbursed. Please keep
in contact with your escrow agent to ensure that any specially requested payoffs are disbursed correctly.


During your loan application processing period and
until your loan closes please remember:
1) Always pay your bills on time!
2) Do NOT buy any items on credit
3) Do NOT apply for any new credit accounts (this lowers your credit score)
4) Do NOT purchase any major items with cash (depleting your savings)
5) Do NOT change your lifestyle (i.e. employment, move, and divorce)
*If in doubt, please be sure to contact us.